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Recruitment agency for inland crew

Cuneus Netherlands is the longstanding liaison between shipping companies and other international Cuneus companies for recruiting crew members for international shipping. It is the international network of Cuneus that makes it possible to find the right man for the right job.
As a member of the Cuneus group of companies we can guarantee that your crew member is carefully selected and recruited. Your wishes, as well as the long experience of specialized local Cuneus staff, ensure the best possible match between your ship and our crew. When recruiting, our staff focusses on Schooling, Training, Experience and Character of the applicant.

Inland crew

Cuneus Netherlands can arrange crew from Poland, The Philippines, Croatia and Myanmar for its clients. We have the complete range of positions in our database.
All Cuneus crew members are well schooled, trained and prepared for their job

Administration and preparation

We always check the validity of documents and certificates of our crew for correctness and validity before they join your ship. As a matter of practice Cuneus Netherlands keeps abreast of changes in rules and regulations and we take care that Cuneus personnel will do all required training in time. Our administrative systems make it possible that you can produce all required documentation on your Cuneus crew promptly at any audit.

Crew changes and Logistics

Flight and Transport is part of every crew change. From ship to airport or home of the crew member. Cuneus Netherlands works with renowned maritime travel agents, bus- and taxi companies and hotels. That way Cuneus Netherlands is able to offer comfortable, efficient and economic crew changes.


Contact details

Cuneus Netherlands
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Telefoon: 0181-712314